Dallas Ft. Worth area earthquakes

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Go to EIB Earthquake browser.

By zeroing in on the DFW area purple event circles will appear, By clicking on the purple circle, specific event data pops up in a box.

Additionally, the USGS has the following posted:


Early unconfirmed reports link local Barnett Shale exploration at 8000 +/- feet, (2500 +/- m) to earthquakes, but solid confirming data on depth is not known to this observer.

One report suggested event depth of 15000 feet, (4500 m) but no evidence of that either.


Note renaming of Barnett Shale to Chester Group

Unit Name History:
Named, tentatively placed in Bend Group (Plummer and Moore, 1922).
Barnett Shale, of probable Late Mississippian age, is removed from the Bend Group (Pennsylvanian age) and assigned to the Chester Group (E.H. Sellards, 1932 [1933], Univ. Texas Bull., no. 3232, v. 1, p. 92-94) [Not synopsized].

Note: If you need more information, please contact Nancy Stamm (nstamm@usgs.gov).

Will continue to monitor. Looking for actual wave info.

AS 1 just arrived, but Mac Seis seems to have captured one of this morning's events.

Wave on...